Wrestling 101 -

Mike Morse

Danny Moulds

Keith Brunscheon 

Dustin Destival

Danny Adams  

Black -

Rhino Cox

Aaron Destival

Aaron Kaufman

Brandon Forcier

Gold -

Justin Decker 

Brian Krall

Adam Kaufman

Ben Hogan

Brad Gordon

Daryl Nourse


WWC Membership


​​​Practices are held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights in the high school wrestling room 

Membership dues should be paid via PayPal. 

WWC Membership​

*All fields are required

*Registration Fee must be paid with form submission. 

             $75 1st Child

             $65 2nd Child

            $50 3rd+ Children 

* Questions about which group your son will be in can be directed to Coach Decker or Coach Cox. 

*For questions on the Parent Volunteer Choice, see a Mat Pac committee member.

Additional Wrestling Websites to Visit:

www.trackwrestling.com                www.thepredicament.com                            www.flowrestling.org